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Welcome to Cirque-it, Work-it

Cirque-it, Work-it is a space where aspiring acrobats and aerialists can thrive. We offer both specialized and recreational programs. Our recreational programs are fun, safe and inspiring. You will definitely catch the "circus bug".  For more serious athletes we encourage you to audition for our Intensive Training Program (ITP). This is an invite-only program and for those looking to build skills both in the air and on the ground. Whichever program is best for you we hope to see you in our studio soon! 

Programs Offered


Subscribe to our Calendar(s) 

Did you know you can have automatic practice changes immediately added to your calendar on your device?  All you need to do is subscribe using the links below. 

NOTE: There is a difference between IMPORTING and SUBSCRIBING.  When you import a calendar, you grab a snapshot of the calendar at the instant you import it.  It's disconnected and is never updated.  However if you subscribe to a calendar, your device will periodically fetch updates from our server, and it will be kept up to date. You set the update frequency when you subscribe. It's really important that you subscribe, not import, or else you will miss important updates.


Online Calendar - ITP 

Right-click and copy this link then paste it into your calendar's subscribe function for automatic updates (don't just click on the link, that will import it!)

Online Calendar - Recreational Programs

Right-click and copy this link then paste it into your calendar's subscribe function for automatic updates (don't just click on the link, that will import it!)

If you log into our Studio director portal you will be able to view our calendar as seen below (Fall Session 2024 - Rec season imaged below)



FALL 2024 - Recreational Class Schedule  

Rec Schedule.jpg

ITP 2024- 2025

ITP Monday - Friday2.jpg
ITP Weekend.jpg

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons to those interested in accelerating their training program. Private lessons can be booked as one-offs or as a series (10 pack) Because circus is so taxing we offer private lessons as 30 or 45 minute training sessions. Pricing can be found below. 

One- 45 minute private lesson

To book your lesson please contact our office at


One-off private lessons are $65 for 50 minutes. 

5 x pack

(45 min. private lessons) 

To book your lessons please contact our office at


Five-private lessons: $300

10 x pack

(45-minute private lesson)

To book your lesson please contact our office at


Ten- private lessons are $550 

Our Studio Syllabus

When you join a class at Cirque-it, Work-it you are in the best hands. We take your training seriously and this is why we see incredible results in our students. Cirque-it, Work-it has created a syllabus that moves each student through the progressions on each apparatus in a careful and progressive way. Our syllabus is offered in Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks and Acrobatics. Our syllabus is so comprehensive, it has been sold to other schools to help them keep their students safe and free of common injuries that can happen when fundamental strengths and techniques haven't been worked on. 

Our syllabus is broken down into 8- level systems. Each student will be given a LEVEL SHEET when they arrive in class and the coach will help them work through their moves/ skills at their own pace. This means you are not held back by anyone's abilities but your own. You will move at your own pace, guaranteeing you get the most out of each class. How amazing is that?!?! 

Our syllabus was created by numerous coaches. It is a culmination of the most incredible teachers in Canada. We look forward to helping you achieve great things at Cirque-it, Work-it Circus School. 


Safety Video

Welcome to Cirque-it, Work-it where SAFETY is our number one priority. Before attending any classes or open gym we require you to watch our studio safety video. Take a few minutes to view our information here and feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions. 

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